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Class Dojo

What is Class Dojo?

class dojo logoClassDojo is a web-based app that allows students, parents, and teachers be a part of the classroom community. Students will use Dojo to turn in assingments and keep a digital portfolio of their progress this year. Parents can use Dojo to view student work, send private messages to me (the teacher), or see class-related announcements. As a teacher, I use dojo as my primary way to send messages and share upcoming events.


Why should I join Dojo?

It’s a quick and easy way to communicate. There is a messaging feature, where you can privately send me a message and I’ll get it on my phone. In addition to the private messaging, there is also a more public class story, which acts similar to a social media stream. This is where I’ll post announcements, relevant links, and upcoming events, and it’s easy to go back and see the most important things. I recommend checking the class story weekly so that you’re up to date. This stream is only visible to students and parents in our class (or anyone else who I approve). AND even if you forget to check, you’ll be alerted any time there’s a new post.

It’s also a way to share student work, on their digital portfolio. Some assignments we do at school will be completed on dojo, and once they are approved you’ll be able to see your student’s work. Students can also take pictures of work they’ve done in-class or at-home they are especially proud of, and it will be added to their digital portfoilio for the year. Once it is on their portfolio, you can like and comment to your heart’s content.

Best of all, it is 100% free. (There is a paid option that parents can sign up for as well, but the free version has everything we’ll need.)

Sign me up!

If your student’s 3rd grade teacher used dojo, you should already be in the school directory, and I’ll be adding you to the class soon.

If you’ve used dojo at a different school, you can use your existing account to connect to the class.

If you’ve never used dojo before, you can sign up with an email address or phone number.

Option 1: Create an account by clicking this link. Once you have your account set up, I’ll approve you to join the class.

Option 2: You should have received a paper from me with a class code to get connected. If you need another copy, send me an email!